Meet the Dress: Samantha

Samantha was one of our first dresses, released during the company’s Kickstarter years ago. She was the most whimsical of the original collection, inspiring thoughts of Scottish countrysides and Irish coasts.

She was such a favorite that this year we decided to recreate her with some changes we are so excited to share with you.

Samantha is a fully functional wrap dress with a full circle skirt. She’s made from a nubby linen/cotton blend that is lightweight and more wrinkle-resistant than traditional linen dresses. The ties are wide for a more flattering waistline and to form a cute bow.

Samantha is an adjustable wrap dress with a full circle skirt.

She’s made from a pre-shrunk nubby linen/cotton blend.

And as always, she comes with pockets!

One other special feature of the Samantha is that the fabric is pre-washed to eliminate any shrinking. She fits true to size and stays that way even after you launder her.

We love her for travel adventures, and any day that needs just a little bit of whimsy. Where would you love to take her?

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