Meet the Team: Northern Virginia

One of our very favorite things to do is meet new kindreds. We love getting together over a cup of coffee, like we did recently for our JuneCup dress adventure. But many of you are not local to us, and while we would love to travel and meet you all, in the meantime we’d love to share a bit about ourselves and hear about you too!

Rebekah: Founder and Co-owner

I believe that how we approach each day is how we approach life as a whole. And that the clothes we choose each morning help determine that outlook. And so I began a dress company with the dream of creating dresses that were both feminine and up for the adventures I wanted to take in them.

What is your favorite VDDCo dress so far? That is hardly a fair question, but if I had to choose, I might pick the Ivory Alice or Samantha. I love windowpane prints in feminine cuts! The Audrey might be my new favorite style once she arrives!

What is your favorite pastime? I love to explore! When I worked as a destination wedding photographer my favorite days were picking a part of a new city and going for a wander. Today, life is much closer to home, but my favorite days are still heading out on a drive out west towards the Shenandoah and seeing what towns and country roads I can find.

When it comes to holiday shopping, are you team shop early or last minute? A mix of both. But definitely more on the last minute. Chalk it up to loving the focused energy from procrastinating?

Colleen: Co-Owner

I’ve known Rebekah for over 20 years, but only recently did I take on a larger role with VDDCo. I’m very much of a go-getter and am happiest when my life is just a wee bit too busy. 🙂

What is your favorite pastime? Volleyball! I play with a group of friends almost every Sunday afternoon till the sun sets (which is also one of my favorite things).

Where would you like to go in a VDDCo dress and which one would you take? This question is way too hard, and the answer is constantly changing… But I LOVE to travel, and I’ve always wanted to go to the Alps (the mountains are my favorite)! So right now, if I could only take one dress, I’d say I would take the Audrey to Austria & Switzerland.

When it comes to holiday shopping, are you team shop-ahead or last-minute? Shop ahead, for sure! Gift-giving is definitely one of my main love languages so sometimes I can go a bit overboard, but it’s so much fun.

Emily: DIY Expert and Aesthetic Visionary

I love getting to jump in for the creative side of the business: hand-making some of our items and styling products for photo shoots.

What is your favorite pastime? Playing my piano, I suppose. But I also enjoy baking, painting, and spending time with friends and family.

Where would you like to go in a VDDCo dress and which one would you take? I see myself strolling through D.C. while wearing the Lily. Make people think I’m an important agent of some sort. 🙂

When it comes to holiday shopping, are you team shop early or last minute? I do like to shop ahead, but somehow there’s always that last Christmas Eve shopping panic attack.

Jennie: Seamstress

I learned to sew as a girl growing up in the mountains of North Georgia. Later, when I was pregnant with my first daughter, I borrowed a sewing machine and spent hours stitching little floral dresses and lace-trimmed accessories. I love working for VDDCo and getting to create beautiful things for others to enjoy!

Who would you love to sit down with for a cup of tea and a chat? Elisabeth Elliot

What are you currently reading? “Just as I Am” autobiography by Billy Graham. Audible counts, right?

When it comes to holiday shopping, are you team shop early or last minute? Early. I actually have already ordered my first Christmas gift.

Hanna: Copywriter

I love being a part of a small local business. It hardly ever feels like work when you do it with friends, and it always seems to come with unlimited free coffee and lots of ice cream.

How do you take your coffee? Pretty much however you want to give it to me, but my go-to is black and hot.

What is your favorite VDDCo dress? Definitely the Samantha. She’s the perfect companion for wild, far away places.

When it comes to holiday shopping, are you team shop early or last minute? This is tough because my love language is gift-giving. So I’ll find a few “perfect” gifts early in the season and spend the next two months desperately searching for the rest.

We’ve loved getting to tell you a bit about ourselves and we’d love to get to know you! Share your name and a few fun facts about yourself below!

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  1. Loved meeting the team.
    It makes the buying by experience more personal 😉 These are the folks that make what I love to wear – almost like you’re in my neighborhood.

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