Dress Adventures: Potomac River Hike and Dolce & Ciabatta

Dress Adventure #15 (our weekly series where we wear our VDDCo and take an adventure or do something out of the ordinary.) ⁠

Rebekah, Colleen, and Hanna took the morning off for a short hike down to see the Potomac River. Northern Virginian leaves have been absolutely gorgeous this autumn, and they were extra pretty in the morning light. 🍂🍁 We wore the eggplant Lily, blue Emma, and the new Audrey dress. ⁠

The brisk morning air made for a delightful hike and sunlight drifting in through the trees and reflecting off the river was almost fairy-tale like.

Afterward, we met up with our moms and a few others to visit the grand opening of a new local bakery, Dolce & Ciabatta. It’s always a good day to enjoy delicious pastries with friends!⁠

There were so many delightful treats to choose from, and by going with a big group, we were able to try so many!

Here’s to making every day more beautiful. Happy weekending! 🧡

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