Gift Boxes: Intro to Corporate Gifting

When COVID-19 hit early in 2020, it impacted the whole world. One of the ways it affected us as a business was by shutting down our factories for a long time. While that was difficult and discouraging to go through, something wonderful came out of it.

Rebekah had been toying with the idea of offering gifting for a while. Putting thought into everything is at the heart of what Virginia Dare is about, so what if we could offer a simple way for others to be thoughtful while life was still its busy hectic self?

When our production was at a dead halt in the middle of 2020, we set out to design elegant, thoughtful boxes in the hope that during a tough time, they could give us and others some much-needed encouragement and help.

Fast forward two and half years, and corporate gifting has become a big part of what we do. Working with realtors, venues, non-profits, and wedding parties was a side of gifting that we didn’t see coming, but are thrilled to be a part of!

We want to share what this process looks like with you.

  • First, we meet or set up a call with you to get an idea of your brand, quantity needs, price range, and timetable.
  • Second, we design a few boxes, ranging in price, product, and size. When we find one that you love, we assemble each of them with care and thoughtfulness.
  • Lastly, we customize our vellum overlay to your brand, with a personalized message and your logo.

We can also add any final customizations you might want to your boxes. Some of these include bows tied with a ribbon matching your brand color and custom-printed tape for the exterior of the boxes.

Finally, the boxes are off! We can direct ship to the clients for you, or arrange a pickup if you’re giving them in person.

Each step is done with care and the purpose of making gifting elegant and seamless for you and your business. Comment below with any questions you might have about the process, or learn more on our website.

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