Lifestyle: A Day in Historic Leesburg

If you’ve followed us for a while, you may know that we do a weekly “Dress Adventure” where we wear our VDDCo and take an adventure or do something out of the ordinary. This week we took a little time off from work and explored some of our favorite spots in Historic Leesburg where we live. We were tourists in our own hometown. 🙂

We stopped in a few of our favorite places that are must-sees. First, the used book shop, Books and Other Found Things, then Muz & Rose, a delightful boutique that carries some of our dresses and accessories (they have great socks, among many other things). ⁠

We also went to King Street coffee for some warm holiday-themed beverages. Rebekah got their seasonal apple pie hot cider, Colleen tried their white chocolate mocha, and Hanna got their Peppermint mocha. Then, we stopped in the Lucky Knot to browse their beautiful ballgown dresses and then swung into Side Bar for a light dinner. ⁠

All of us have lived nearby for over 20 years, but it’s fun to play “tourist” in our hometown and enjoy an afternoon together.⁠ A few of our other favorite spots to visit are:

  • Cowbell Kitchen
  • Mom’s Apple Pie
  • The Corner Store
  • Wld Wst
  • Morven Park
  • GooseCup Coffee
  • Señor Ramon’s Taqueria
  • Buford’s Biscuits
  • Shoes Cup and Cork

If we missed one of your favorite spots, tell us below!

It was so much fun to walk around town with the garlands and bows hanging. We’re team “It’s not Christmas till after Thanksgiving” over here but we still enjoyed the festive decorations in town.

Rebekah and Colleen are wore the new Amelia and Audrey dresses, and Hanna the Chloe dress in black. One of our favorite parts and an important part about each dress we design is that they are dresses that can be styled in many different ways for many different looks and it’s fun to try that out each time we wear them.

We’d love to learn more about your hometown and see pictures from the places you call home. If you’re inspired to be a tourist in your town, please share a picture below and tell us your favorite part about where you live. You can shop the three dresses we’re wearing below!

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