Style Tips: Three Ways to Wear the Amelia this Season

It’s almost Christmas! We can’t believe how fast the year and especially this month is flying by. The time for Christmas parties, caroling, shopping, and festive dinners is upon us, and we’ve designed the perfect winter dress for each of these activities! She arrived from our factory in Texas this week, and we shipped her off to you right away! If she hasn’t arrived on your doorstep yet, she’ll be there any day. We’ve put together a guide with three different ways to style the Amelia for various occasions this winter season.

1. Date Night
– Black opaque tights
– Fun heels
– Knee-length coat
– Gold necklace

This look would definitely work for events other than a date night, but that’s the occasion that inspired this look. We’re big believers in shoes being an important aspect of an outfit, and it was fun to find a pair that would add to the look but not distract from the dress.

2. Christmas Party
– Patterned black/sheer tights
– Black booties
– Fluffy fleece or faux fur waist-length coat
– Hair updo
– Dangle earrings

One of the best parts of this outfit is the fun tights. If patterned ones are outside your comfort zone, a sheer simple black tight would definitely work just as well. We end up doing most of our shoots with our hair down (the downside of having a big forehead), but since this would be a special occasion it’s the perfect time to style it up. If you wear your hair back a lot, try leaving it down for this look; just something different to make the night a little more special.

3. Christmas Market Shopping
– Black opaque tights
– Chelsea boots (or combat if you’re looking for something edgier)
– Leather gloves
– Wool coat
– Warm scarf

This season we’ve noticed a lot of “Christmas Markets” popping up at local venues. It’s often a winery, restaurant, or brewery that hosts local makers and small businesses to set up displays and sell their products to shoppers. And we love this idea! It’s a great opportunity to shop local and get out to enjoy the season. This outfit was designed with an outdoor Christmas Market in mind.

We hope you try one of these outfit ideas, and if you do, we’d love to see a photo of you in your dress! Share any other styling ideas for the Amelia in the comments below. We’d love to try out some of your ideas.

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