Travel: How To Be a Good Companion

If you haven’t already heard, we’re going on a European Adventure! Colleen and Rebekah are taking a two-week break and traveling around Europe in a whirlwind of a trip.

Like many things in life, even if the activity or environment is absolutely lovely, who you are spending it with matters most of all. A difficult situation can become a fond memory with the right companion, and a trip to a delightful place can become a headache if your traveling partner isn’t the right fit.

We’d like to share some thoughts on how to be and how to choose a good traveling buddy.

How To Be a Good Traveling Partner

While who you choose as your traveling partner matters (we’ll get to that), being a good traveling companion is important too.

These are our top tips:

– Try to match the other person’s pace & preferences. You won’t always get to do things exactly how you want.

– Be clear about what you want to do. We know it might seem nice to “go with the flow,” and there is something to be said about that, but if both of you are just floating along with what you think the other person might want, there’s a good chance neither of you will actually be enjoying yourselves. If you can be clear with your preferences and the activities you want to do, then you will know exactly where the other stands and can come to an amicable middle ground that suits everyone.

Be considerate (music style, how to spend time, need for space, etc). Not everyone is the same as you are or thinks and operates the same as you do. Try your best to understand what your traveling partner needs, and then accommodate them as much as possible.

– Find out if your friend has any allergies or health conditions to be aware of.

– Be okay doing different things. Sometimes one of the benefits of traveling with another person is that they push you to do different activities or try new foods that you might not have done on your own.

Keep track of expenses (if one person books larger things) be sure to pay them back. 

– Share the research. It’s a lot of work! And take notes of different options to help compare. 

How to Choose a Good Traveling Partner

– Find someone you can enjoy spending a lot of time with. You’ll be with this person day and night for the entire trip, likely including long car rides, flights, train rides, or bus tours.

– It can be helpful to start with a shorter trip first so you can get used to each other. There’s nothing wrong with testing the waters to see if you’re compatible travelers.

Pick someone with the same or a compatible traveling style. There are all kinds of ways to travel and experience new places. Some like to stay in one location and really get a feel for the culture in a low-key, living the life kind of way. Others want to try to see as many new places as possible, see the sights, and move on. Some want to linger in bookshops and cafés, while others want to hike the highest mountains and swim in the deepest lakes. Some are sunrise watchers and others are sunset watchers. It’s important to find someone who has the same vision for the trip that you do.

Do you have any pieces of advice about how to be a good traveling partner? We’d love it if you share them below!

This is the first of a three part series inspired by our upcoming trip! Check back soon for part two.

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