Dress Adventures: Maman

For Dress Adventure #24 (if you’re new, that’s our weekly adventure where we wear our VDDCo and take an adventure or do something a bit out of the ordinary) Rebekah and her mom took a girl’s day out shopping and made a visit to their favorite bakery, Maman.

Maman is a cafe that brings a sense of warmth, whismy, and beauty through every little detail. From the mismatched mugs to the handmade decor and delightful food.

It also holds a special place in our hearts because at the start of the business, the owners befriended my mom and I, and we’d always stop by their NYC locations on our trips to New York to see my grandfather and attend the fabric shows. (We even collaborated with them for our Baker Apron, which their staff wears in many of their cafés!)

Our outfits were a Samantha wrap dress in Sky and the Emma dress in Burgundy. We had such a lovely time, enjoying seasonal lattes and memories from the early days of VDDCo.

This new Maryland location was wonderful, and we loved the floral installations and charming decor, especially the chandeliers.

Maman was also just featured on the first episode of the Discovery Channel’s new show, Storefront Stories! You can watch it now. And you’ll see our apron throughout!

Here’s to making every day more beautiful!

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