Our Origin Story – Part 1

In May we announced some really big news on social media and we want to share it with all of our readers here as well. It marks a new step in our adventure. but first we wanted to share a bit of our history and who we are.

8 years ago, I (Rebekah) was a wedding photographer who traveled often for destination weddings, and especially fell in love with the British Isles….Whenever I would pack for those trips, I found it difficult to find dresses that would fit the beautiful places I was going to.

It felt difficult to find dresses that matched the aesthetic of Scotland and England: classic gracefulness, high quality, timeless, and feminine, but simple enough for work or travel.

I wanted to move on from photography but was at a loss for a new direction., One evening, my mom asked, “What if you started a clothing company?” My grandfather (her dad) had been a fashion designer in NYC with his own factory and brand, and she saw something in me that could pursue the same. Given my recent frustrations, the idea immediately clicked!

That evening I googled “How to start a fashion business” and spent the next couple of years learning everything I could.

And what a journey that began! It led me to reconnect with my estranged grandfather, who helped me get my start, running a Kickstarter to fund our first production run, learning how to manufacture and work with factories, learning how to run an online business, and so many stories.

As we grew, our community became a place of encouragement, beautiful things, and friends. It was far more than just a place to buy dresses.

I’m so grateful—to those who have been here from the start and those who have joined this adventure along the way.

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